Who Him?

My Girlfriend and I

In case you're not very clever, I'm the poisonous looking one on the right.

So this is my blog – right?

How do you define who you are?

I’ll be honest with you, I have no earthly idea and I’m not about to make any clear attempt. A vague description will do I suppose.

My name is Neil and I am approximately somewhere in my early twenties. I’m not a graduate in anything at all yet I feel like my opinion is worthy enough of an entire web page filled with my frustrated ramblings. I’m a hotel receptionist – more specifically a hotel NIGHT receptionist – and life is pretty much an endless, revolving banality that occasionally blindsides me with some odd occurrence.

I have many talents, at least I think I do. I can play a couple of musical instruments although I can really only produce something akin to actual music with a guitar. I’ve written often, usually inane short stories that act as a wide metaphor, one which explains something we already universally know. I can also name several races from the Star Trek franchise. Oh, oh! I’m really, really good at judging people. Excellent at it.

This is my first attempt at blogging, I’m not sure how successful I’ll be but hopefully something will come of it. Hope you enjoy.


Nicola – my girlfriend and flatmate

Paul – my long-suffering best friend, who is far richer and healthier than I am.

Dad – a wise and intrepid man in his fifties who occasionally pops by to fix my problems and make life a little easier for me.

Mum – an irritating anomoly who often causes problems and make life a little more difficult for me. Shit…I hope she doesn’t read this.

Hoddit & Doddit – aka Helen & Claire, my younger sisters. 16 years old and twins.


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